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Excitement in the rain

It may be a pretty crummy day, in terms of the wet weather, but that hasn't dampened my spirits, because...


Next week...


The awesome 5ers...


Are performing...


Their Christmas play!!!!!!


We can't wait to show it off and have a good old sing-song with everyone. Watch this space...


Hello Bloggers!!!

Here's my first post of the school year!


It's exciting times here because we all have our own blog page now, which we can write in whenever we feel the need.


5B, why don't you have a go at logging yourselves...

First Blog!

Wow, the brand new Timberley site certainly has its advantages! 

First we've been given our very own webpage for us 5ers (check it out by clicking here).

Then Timberley Council were given a page, so that we may spread the news of all the good we shall be doing this year (click here).

...and now I get my very own blog! I've never had one before, so bear with me whilst I get to grips with how it works.


P.S. There might be more exciting features coming to the Timberley site, but at this stage I'm not sure what I can say about those. Don't worry though, soon you'll be able to "read all about it" (there's a clue for you).

Welcome to Blogging!

Hello Timberley,

Welcome to the exciting world of blogging. I look forward to reading your individual blogs and finding out more information.

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